The Future of Concert Technology

Technology is changing the LIVE music industry.

Those who stay ahead of the curve have a huge opportunity to impress fans, simplify their work, and increase profit. So, how can you get smarter about using concert technology to produce and promote live shows?

Prediction #1: Fans will do the heavy lifting for marketing shows with new visual technology -- Live music promoters are already active across social networks — 95% of venues surveyed use Facebook, 87% use Instagram, 85% use Twitter, and 20% use Snapchat. But the next big thing won’t be how you use social to communicate with fans — it will be how fans use it to share their own stories. With technology like drones, Facebook Live, and RFID, those stories will become richer than ever before.

Prediction #2: RFID technology will move to the club space -- RFID (radio frequency identification) technology has already taken over music festivals, and venues are next. 80% of the venues we spoke to believed capturing more data about fans with RFID would be impactful in coming years.

Prediction #3: Fans will be able to purchase tickets on their favorite sites -- 

Streaming and social media platforms have become the go-to destinations to discover concerts. In fact, venues ranked Facebook ads as the most effective marketing channel to drive ticket sales in our survey. So what if fans could buy tickets the moment they discover the show — through the platform they’re on in that instant?

If your first reaction is to imagine a spike in ticket sales, you’re not alone. 98% of surveyed venues said enabling ticket sales on other platforms will drive growth in coming years, with nearly three out of four calling it extremely impactful.

Thomas Fiss