Our OnDemand agency services were leveraged by Ford Motor Company's newest acquisition Chariot to provide all inclusive music marketing strategy for SXSW 2017.

The week opened up with a Chariot X Music: Private Show by Magic Giant. Supporting act was Royaljag, another crowd favorite. Bill Ford was in attendance, and spoke about the launch of Chariot to the Austin crowd. The results were astounding, the venue was filled to capacity (1k) with a line out the door, plus the Chariot App was downloaded more times in one day than ever before.

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The following day, Magic Giant created an Instagram Story on Chariot where they played an Acoustic set inside one of their Vehicles. 

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Next, Chariot engaged T.I. to surprise and delight 10 local fans in Austin with a ride along in a Chariot Van, and VIP access to his movie premiere. The experience was captured on film and shared on both T.I's and Chariot's socials. Check out the video below: