General FAQS

Do you offer agency services?

Yes! Feel confident knowing that your brand has On Demand access to influencer marketing experts and artist partnership opportunities. We create strategy, curate content, suggest brand-aligned artists & influencers, and manage activated campaigns.

Our seasoned team delivers a traditional boutique marketing agency experience.  From event production, to branding design, experiential marketing, to media buying, we offer a 360 degree approach to maximize your investment.

What type of artists do brands get access to?

Brands and marketing agencies are able to reach ANY artist.  Our roster of available artists includes a full range of chart topping pop stars, to buzzworthy undiscovered acts.  Looking for someone specific? Click the "OnDemand" button in the platform and we'll connect you!

How much does it cost to use

It is completely free to sign up and post campaigns or send proposals on! No contracts, monthly charges or long-term commitments. only charges when a brand hires a music influencer and the campaign is completed, it's that simple.

FOR BRANDS charges a 10% fee when hiring an influencer. For example, if you hire Katy Perry for $100, the actual charge upon the completed campaign will be $110. 

FOR MUSIC INFLUENCERS charges 10% upon completion and brand approval of your content. For example, if you bid $100 for a campaign, will pay you $90 once your submitted content has been approved by the brand. This does not include any payment processing fees.

What campaigns are available for my brand to activate? 

From social media campaigns, to product endorsements, talent booking, to exclusive content - Build a custom campaign in seconds.

Additionally, get access to opportunities submitted directly from music companies for your brand to plug into.  From a simple product placement in a music video, to sponsoring a headlining tour - Get access to exclusive opportunities with the click of a button. 

FTC Guidelines & Disclosure of Paid Product Endorsements

Adhering to FTC Guidelines is an extremely important part of doing any paid sponsorship post. That said, FTC guidelines can be confusing. Here are some best practices along with a direct link to the most up-to-date guidelines we have prepared to assist you.

As guidelines often do change please be sure to visit the official FTC website for the most up to date guidelines. 

Helpful FTC Rules & Guideline Links:

FTC Guidelines

.COM Disclosures

Native Advertising: A Guide For Businesses


Be clear and upfront with your audience. Never try and hide the fact that content was sponsored. The more upfront and clear you can be the better. Our FTC Guidelines for Brands and FTC Guidelines for Music Companies include suggested disclosures that we recommend that you use.

Video Sponsorships (Music Companies, Artists, Brands): If you are posting a video you must state to your audience if you were paid by a company to talk about their product. Please do this at the beginning of your video. Simply including a link or a reference in your description is not enough, although it’s great practice to include that information there as well.

Text Sponsorships: When posting on channels such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram be sure to tags such as #ad, #sponsored, or #promotion at the beginning of every post.  Consider if the disclosure will be visible to the consumer without scrolling down, including on mobile devices.

Under the FTC guidelines, all content that music companies, artists, and brands collaborate on to produce through’s platform requires disclosure. The more clear and transparent you can be, the better.  Assuring that a disclosure is present is your responsibility.  For users of our OnDemand Agency Service, we will also check to confirm that a disclosure has been made before releasing the content.  Please review our articles for more details on this process.

This article is not meant to be all-inclusive and we may update our suggestions and guidelines from time to time. We also urge you to periodically visit the FTC Website.

Artist Profiles


We've broken Social Listening down to four major categories:  Reach, Growth, Engagement, and Platform.  In order to keep things simple, we've assigned each a specific terminology relative to other artists in the marketplace to maintain a competitive and non-biased structure.


  • Developing

  • Trending

  • Strong

  • Exceptional


  • Small

  • Moderate

  • Large

  • Exceptional


  • Emerging

  • Trending

  • Established

  • Mainstream

  • Exceptional


  • Basic

  • Trending

  • Popular

  • Exceptional


Audience information is populated direct from Facebook Insights and Spotify - each in their own right, the most trusted forms of data aggregation when it comes to measuring influencial status.