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We're Launching!!! is thrilled at the opportunity to show you what our artist partnership software can do. We thank you for your patience during the build process and would love your help in our final phase of development. We're looking for little help from our early adopters, and appreciate it immensely!

So, what does this mean for you?

We're ready to start loading Featured Opportunities for our music and brand partners to start submitting to!

As an early adopter, we'd love to feature your artist / brand opportunities for Q2-Q4 2018 in highly visible areas on our platform so that they are easy to discover. It's literally a set it and forget it posting, rather than sending out 100's of emails to artist representatives.  Trust us, we're saving you time & money.  If you don't trust us, that's okay too!  We can show you the proof in a beautiful deck we have ready just for the occasion.

What is a featured opportunity?

  • When a music company or brand first logs into, they will be taken to a dashboard page. It's very similar to Apple Music / Spotify that acts as a hub for news and opportunities. We have limited spots available on our website, and all opportunities are displayed on a rotation basis for a custom length of time.
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What do I submit?

We understand that we're a new product / platform in testing phase, so we're opening up this phase to micro-partnerships for an easy barrier of entry. Our minimum partnership we'll be accepting in this round is a free product or marketing value exchange. To maximize this opportunity, we recommend creating an campaign length of at least three months, so you get constant exposure. 

As a side note, our team would be thrilled at the opportunity to help build this for you, or walk you through the process - zero obligations and totally free.  Although, we have some pretty clever ideas... 

Ok, I'm in. Now What?

Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible about your opportunity.

Once you submit, we'll be in touch to gather all photo assets needed prior to post, or be pro-active and email us when you're ready! All images should be in JPG / PNG format, minimum of 2000 x 500 pixels.

Please send all questions / assets to [email protected] .

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Our mission is to simplify artist partnerships and music-based marketing initiatives, while maximizing brand exposure and potential revenue streams.

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We assembled a forward-thinking team that specializes in disrupting the music, influencer, and marketing industries.

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