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Earn money by simply introducing us to your brand and marketing agency network


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By proceeding, I agree that this is a commission-only based opportunity and if approved to join, will be an Independent Contractor. Commissions are as follows: 20% of net payments (Including 10% "Service Fee" and "Agency Services" for direct sale, 5% ongoing per paid campaign for the next (1) year if the brand activates without your direct influence or knowledge.
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I work for another company but would like to still sell as a service for several brands or marketing agencies in my network. Please keep me as a "private" participant in this program when I introduce you to clients.

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Make Great Money

20% Commission of net amount for Closed campaigns, and 5% for the next 12 months if the brand activates without your knowledge or influence. 

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Set Your Own Schedule

Only Sell when it works for you. There’s no office and no boss. That means you’ll always start and stop on your time.

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What We Provide

Decks, case studies, custom proposals, email signatures, - everything you need to close a deal. nets a 10% service fee from brands and a 10% commission from the artist on the same deal.  Your net payment amount would come from this. This opportunity is for an independent contractor.