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Upryzer has created a unique partnership with Partner.ly to onboard top performing / hand curated talent into the exclusive Partner.ly Platform database for brand partnership opportunities.

Join the ranks of RCA, Warner Bros. Records, Capitol, and more labels
that use this platform to form strategic marketing partnerships.

Thank you for submitting to join Partner.ly as an independent artist!  Please fill out the form below and a Partner.ly account manager will reach out in the next 72 hours with next steps if approved. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Upon your approval, Partner.ly will add your information to our exclusive roster of artists for branding partnerships. Our team will contact you immediately once any brand partner engages your profile on our platform. Partner.ly, Inc. cannot guarantee any activations, but our platform allows your profile to be seen by 1000's of brands who are looking to partner with a music based activation.